Let us invite you into our little paradise that is Ponta Do Ouro. Warm water, blue skies and wonders to discover and rediscover underwater...

Devocean Diving is a professional and friendly dive operation based in Ponta Do Ouro, Southern Mozambique. Ponta do Ouro is a beautiful and picturesque little village, situated approximately 10Km North of the Kosi Bay, South African, border. Devocean Diving is the kind of diving resort that divers the world over seek to find:

Lying on the Mozambique Channel, South of Maputo, Ponta is a great place to spot an amazing variety of spectacular marine life.Within an almost untouched environment and offering a choice of 20+ stunning off-shore coral reef dive sites, which host an amazing variety of marine life, from whale and dolphin, manta and whale shark, giant friendly potato bass, frog and paper fish to rare nudibranchs, there is so much to discover once you step off the beautiful clean white beaches. Passionate and experienced dive professionals will guide you through this paradise before returning you to our pleasant accommodation and great food, combined with heartfelt hospitality; it is the ultimate diving experience.

Whether you’d like to learn to dive, continue your diving education (even up to professional levels) or just relax and explore the amazing Indian Ocean, Devocean Diving will be there to accommodate all your needs. We currently are the only dive centre in Southern Mozambique that has been awarded the PADI 5* Instructor Development Dive Resort, the highest PADI delivered award. We also fluently speak English, French and Dutch; and would therefore be able to accommodate you with your first choice language.

Aside from SCUBA diving, Ponta do Ouro is a great place for an adventurous holiday.

Surfing, kite-surfing, fishing, swimming with dolphins, hiking, quad biking and off-roading are all activities offered in the area. Mostly water based, the town thrives on wet activities. Ponta is also in close proximity to game reserves on both sides of the border allowing chance to see the big five, a huge variety of bird life and a real taste of Africa.

Nature is very important to the local community and the Marine Protected Area (MPA) workers are constantly making sure the area stays as preserved as possible. Dolphins and their activities, migrating whales, nesting turtles and common local fish are monitored closely for their protection, making this a stunning Garden of Eden for nature lovers.

Useful Information

Ponta do Ouro is located 10Km North of the Kosi Bay border (Mozambique/South Africa). The border is open 7 days a week from 08:00am to 17:00pm. Note the roads after you cross the border are sand roads. You will require a four wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to get to Devocean Diving. We can also arrange border transfers for people wishing to leave their vehicles at the secure car parks at the border. Contact us if you need transfers from Durban or Maputo.

To reach Devocean Diving from the Kosi Bay border:
Take the first right, just after the gate and follow the same road until you reach the local market. You’ll find the main road subdivides itself in small tracks on the sides. Do not worry about which one you take, just try to keep right... All roads lead to Ponta do Ouro :) Once you’ve passed the local market, you’ll end up at a 4 way intersection. Take the first right and you’ll find us on the same road. We are located right next to the police station.

To reach Devocean Diving from Maputo:
Cross on the ferry to Catembe. Follow the road down to Bella Vista, then continue South while keeping left (East) on road 201 for about 70Km. The road should turn into Ponta Beach Drive and get you right in the town centre. Follow the directions above (Kosi Bay) to find us from the local market in town. Count with heavy sand tracks suitable for 4 wheel drives only and be aware that the roads might become virtually impassable after heavy rains. A transfer time of 4 to 6 hours is a bare minimum.

Our range of habitats from beach, coastal forest and dunes, lakes and wetlands, bushveld and Marine Protected Area, offers photographers a highly photogenic playground.

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